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Self-adhesive repair communication form.

Keep cars moving through your shop with the Process Information Grid. This new product will improve your workflow by allowing your Estimator, Technician or Customer Service person to easily fill out all essential information right on the vehicle! The Process Information Grid will adhere to the outside of the windshield or a side window. The Grid stays with the vehicle through the repair process and is easily removed once the vehicle is complete. By not writing on the vehicle directly, you can eliminate any ghosting concerns.

  • Complete Grid with permanent markers
  • Manufacturer requires the surface to be clean before applying for the grid to adhere properly
  • Each Grid is intended for a single use
  • 105 + sheets per roll, 100' roll
  • Do not store product below 65°. Makes for easier application.
  • 11.25" x 14" Grid

PLEASE NOTE: This product should not be used on plastic windows. Please adhere to glass only.

Previous SKU# VC9983

Works well with our Grease - China Marker Pencil (1100848)

Warning: DO NOT USE on flexible plastic windows such as those found on convertible tops as discoloration has been known to occur!
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